bobi asks glacis a question and then it slowly spirals out of control.

— mintNewtons [MN] began pestering dauntlessTracker [DT] at 19:15 —

MN: glacis you got a second.

MN: youre a hunter right.

DT: —)- yes to the first, yes to the second

DT: —)- why

MN: do you

MN: by chance

MN: keep any parts

MN: of the animals you kill.

DT: —)- sure

DT: —)- not like mounted heads

DT: —)- but bones and shit

MN: that might work.

MN: do you

MN: by total chance

MN: have any bird or bat wings

MN: just

MN: laying around.

MN: you know.

DT: —)- you mean like with the feathers on

MN: chillin out relaxing feeling all cool.

MN: either or.

MN: im not picky i just ned the bone structure and design.

MN: *ned

MN: *ned

MN: *ned

MN: *neede

MN: *nende

MN: *ndned

MN: (nDed

DT: —)- I get it

MN: *need

DT: —)- you can stop now

MN: no you dont understand.

MN: you might get it but i have to correct it. B\

MN: im not going to not fix my mistakes.

MN: but anyway do you got the goods.

DT: —)- I'm pretty sure I've got at least one specimen

MN: hell fucking yes.

DT: —)- do they need to be a certain size

MN: uh probably not but the bigger the better.

MN: whatever you got is going to be ok though.

MN: i just need it for the alchemy shit.

DT: —)- you're going to duplicate some bones

DT: —)- why

MN: not duplicate.

DT: —)- what

MN: that was the second thing i wanted to mention.

MN: you can make new objects by combining unrelated objects.

MN: so what im going to do is combine these bird wings

DT: —)- seriously

MN: with a flying machine

MN: in the hopes that i get something that can allow me to fly. B\

MN: yeah seriously.

DT: —)- oh that's right

MN: theres two ways to do it.

DT: —)- andi said you wouldn' let her build shit for you

DT: —)- what's that all about

MN: ok first of all i dont trust her

MN: with my house.

MN: pure and simple there.

MN: but also.

MN: im not sure how these gates work.

MN: or portals.

MN: or whatever theyre called.

MN: what if what happens is that you can only go to the land next in the series to yours.

MN: so id be going to andis.

MN: but andi doesnt have her house built up properly.

MN: so i cant move on to the rest.

MN: its needless.

MN: wastes time.

MN: and i dont want to take the risk.

DT: —)- fair enough

DT: —)- right, because otherwise you might fall and kill yourself

MN: what, with the wings or without people building their shit properly.

MN: because if its with the wings ill be fucking careful.

DT: —)- with the house building, not the flying machine

MN: yeah thats true.

DT: —)- although that seems like a possibility too

MN: like i dont?? know where?? itll drop me off??

MN: better to be safe than sorry.

MN: and i trust myself more than others in this regard.

MN: no offense.

DT: —)- well if and when you get through

DT: —)- tell other people where you end up

MN: i will.

DT: —)- good

MN: ill keep you guys updated.

DT: —)- that's all anyone can ask

MN: this isnt a solo game and the sooner we know the secrets the beter.

MN: *beter

MN: *bebter

MN: (bebrt

DT: —)- better

MN: *bebrhr

MN: thanks.

DT: —)- got it

DT: —)- but what were you saying about the combining items

MN: right that.

MN: theres two ways to do it.

MN: you can overlap the cards so that when theyre punched, theyre overlayed.

MN: which makes the || function, i think.

DT: —)- alright

MN: or you can just both codes in on the same card.

MN: which makes the && function.

MN: i dont really know the difference but the items you get

MN: are radically different.

DT: —)- I can just what both cards

DT: —)- ' you can just both codes'

MN: fuck sorry.

MN: mind went

MN: faster than my fingers.

MN: you can just input the codes from both cards.

DT: —)- alright

MN: methodically and seperately.

MN: like double imprint it.

MN: anyway.

DT: —)- is this like that coding shit

DT: —)- it kind of reminds me of something

MN: for instance, a flying machine || chihaya combo makes a flying machine with chihayas face on it.

DT: —)- like the if (x = y || x = z ){ yadda yadda

MN: but a flying machine && chihaya makes a chihaya figurine with wings.

DT: —)- a what figurine

MN: a chihaya.

MN: shes a shitty stupid anime girl dont worry about her too much.

MN: i own like 5 of her.

MN: well.

MN: maybe more like

MN: 15 now.

DT: —)- been duping them I take it

MN: and combining them with other things.

MN: theyre pretty cheap so its worth it.

DT: —)- yeah

MN: been experimenting a lot with this shit.

MN: but what i think im going to do is

DT: —)- I haven' yet because my shitty server hasn' put down the punch designix yet

MN: combine the bird wings with the flying machine.

DT: —)- will that work

MN: and then combine that with the flying apparatus.

MN: rather, the thing i use to strap it to myself.

MN: im not sure yet.

MN: but its worth a shot.

MN: and i DONT want to resort to using rockets.

MN: ill incinerate myself.

DT: —)- but how would I get the bones to you

DT: —)- do I just give you the code

MN: just give me the code, yeah.

MN: i can make my own.

DT: —)- alright that works

MN: but really your server STILL hasnt gotten in contact with you over this shit?

MN: B\

DT: —)- no

MN: whose your faggot again.

DT: —)- not since I got in

DT: —)- seimos

MN: wait

MN: shit



DT: —)- what


MN: i

DT: —)- your client

MN: yes.

DT: —)- I take it


MN: i hope the littler stoners ok.

MN: *little

MN: got it.

DT: —)- I don' think I've spoken to him

MN: but he didnt seem like he was in any danger.

MN: fucking.

MN: that means

MN: one of two

MN: fucking things:

MN: 1. he is hurt and im being a shitty fucking person rn.

MN: 2. he is stoned and im right to have fucked off from him for now.

DT: —)- stoned

MN: stoned.

MN: right.

MN: trolls.

MN: uh.

MN: do you guys have drugs

MN: perchance.

MN: B\

DT: —)- yeah

DT: —)- not readily available where I live though

MN: well like how many drugs do you have.

MN: do you know.

MN: or are they all just

MN: medicinal.

DT: —)- I think there are some that trolls use for pleasure at the cost of impaired judgment

DT: —)- is that what we're talking about

MN: yes exactly that.

DT: —)- perfect

MN: being stoned is the term used for

MN: being under the influence of a specific drug

MN: that makes you calm, hungry and very, very stupid.

MN: and elsu loves the shit.

DT: —)- huh

MN: fuck i think hes ok i mean lonami was talking about him and he semed alright.

MN: *semed

MN: *seme

MN: *smemed

MN: *seemed

DT: —)- it's not all that common as far as I know, but apparently some idiots eat sopor slime on occasion

DT: —)- sounds vaguely the same

MN: sopor? B\

DT: —)- right

DT: —)- humans

MN: why the fuck would you touch slime.

MN: let alone put it in your fucking body.

DT: —)- it's a substance that we sleep in

MN: you

MN: sleep in

MN: slime.

DT: —)- if we don'

DT: —)- we get vivid nightmares, hallucinations

DT: —)- I guess it's possible to live like that but who the fuck would want to

DT: —)- so it's slime or bust

MN: still though isnt that a pain in the ass to wash off.

MN: why the fuck did your species evolve to have vivid nightmares

DT: —)- yeah it can be

MN: unless it slept in slime.

DT: —)- and who the fuck knows

MN: like seriously that seems counterproductive. B\

DT: —)- it does

MN: what happens if you dont sleep though do you guys NEED it or just like it.

DT: —)- like I said

DT: —)- as far as I know you can live without it

DT: —)- but who knows how much it would fuck you up

MN: but itd be fucking stupid yeah.

DT: —)- if you kept doing it repeatedly

MN: well i assume you guys have a good supply, right.

MN: no ones low on the not-crazy slime.

DT: —)- if everyone still has their recuperacoons, yeah

DT: —)- I haven' tried sleeping yet myself

DT: —)- not for long, anyway

MN: huh.

MN: well i guess we can always make more if we run low.

MN: gods bless this alchemy shit.

DT: —)- yeah

DT: —)- no kidding

MN: but alright so dont let anyone eat it and make sure people sleep in it.

DT: —)- that's about the size of it

DT: —)- but everyone should already know those things

DT: —)- oh and I guess it goes without saying but

DT: —)- if you go to someone else's land and find some, don' touch or eat it

DT: —)- who knows if humans can stand the stuff or not

MN: yeah im not a piece of shit stoner so ill keep away.

DT: —)- good

MN: im not interested in using myself as a test rat for troll shit.

MN: and you guys probably shouldnt touch elsus weed or all the brandy and jack daniels my grunkle stored away.

MN: etc etc.

MN: hell no one should be touching this shit.

MN: we need to be at our mental prime here.

MN: B\

DT: —)- yeah seriously

MN: especially if were supposed to do this complicated alchemy shit.

DT: —)- I don' think we have any sopor addicts but nevertheless

MN: and solve these lands.

MN: and figure ourselves out or whatever the fuck.

DT: —)- we don' have time to be goofing off and eating 'jack daniels'

DT: —)- or drinking

DT: —)- or smoking

DT: —)- or whatever you do with it

MN: you drink jack daniels.

DT: —)- okay

MN: its this brand of

MN: mildly expensive whisky.

MN: it tastes ok and it goes down easy, or so says my grunkle.

MN: i dont have time to drink though, so i cant give you an first hand account.

DT: —)- that's fine

DT: —)- we don' need another impaired player running around

MN: youre telling me.

DT: —)- but are you sure your client can handle himself

DT: —)- has he been killing imps

MN: between the people who are impaired through drugs and the people who are impaired through their own incompetence.

MN: and honestly i dont know i feel really bad about this shit.

MN: ill talk to him next chance i get. B\

MN: i assume hes ok bc

MN: once again

MN: he survived lonami.

DT: —)- there's that name again

DT: —)- I'm not looking forward to that conversation

MN: shes pretty miserable.

MN: she thinks shes an idol

MN: and uses these

MN: horrible

MN: horrible faces.

MN: let me find some for you

MN: ☆~(ゝ。∂)

MN: (´∩`。)

DT: —)- not another one

DT: —)- oh gods

MN: 【・ヘ・?】

MN: and

MN: the worst of them:

MN: ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

MN: help me gods.

MN: ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

MN: ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

MN: ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

MN: ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

DT: —)- holy shit

MN: look at that piece of shit.

DT: —)- why are there stars coming out of it

MN: i have no fucking clue.

MN: apparently

DT: —)- what's all this extraneous bullshit

MN: that and the wink are her favorites.

MN: i dont understand her

MN: she really sucks try and get out of talking with her for as long as you can.

MN: i hate to say that about a teammate but i literally do not have the patience.

DT: —)- I don' blame you

DT: —)- if my hunch is right

DT: —)- and I this point, I don' see any way I could be wrong

DT: —)- she's the heiress

MN: yeah she said as much.

MN: she also said she prototyped her mom and a record album.

DT: —)- which means she was basically guaranteed from the start to be an annoying piece of shit

MN: and that shes telling her mom on me because i was mean to her.

MN: B\

DT: —)- oh

MN: waaah waaah cry more faggot.

DT: —)- uh

MN: glacis.

DT: —)- her mom is the leviathan

MN: you are not—

MN: god

MN: fucking

MN: damnit.

DT: —)- what

MN: wow just wow.

DT: —)- what

MN: go me like seriously.

DT: —)- I'm not what

MN: being very reassuring right now.

MN: was what i was going to say

DT: —)- just letting you know

MN: yeah christ.

MN: well what can her mom do.

MN: shes dead and a sprite.

MN: B\

DT: —)- I don' know but I wouldn' push your luck

DT: —)- at least not until you know for sure

DT: —)- that it can' kill you

MN: whelp.

MN: and the dumbass mentioned how she wished i was dying so.

MN: whelp.

MN: \o/

MN: looks like im boned.

DT: —)- some of you seem to have a strange knack for pissing off monsters

MN: i bequeath all my possessions unto you, other competent player.

DT: —)- you and andi should start a club

MN: "faggot buttmunches who piss off monsters."

MN: only with me i havent

MN: necessarily

MN: killed myself yet.

MN: i could still win this.

MN: if i.

DT: —)- andi isn' dead or anything yet, is she

MN: gulps audibly.

MN: apologize.

DT: —)- last time I talked to her she was still alive

MN: no shes fine.

DT: —)- but I don' blame you for not wanting to kiss ass though

DT: —)- ah

DT: —)- alright

MN: were not on speaking terms for this hour though.

MN: maybe the next one.

DT: —)- ha

MN: i pissed her off it was totally my fault but lmao it was sooo fucking worth it.

DT: —)- well, whatever

DT: —)- royalty is easy to piss off

MN: i meant andi.

DT: —)- oh andi

MN: the heiress like.

MN: apparently she still wants to

MN: be my friend.

MN: B\

MN: so.

DT: —)- well

DT: —)- there you go

DT: —)- although if you ask me this friend bullshit is wearing a little thin already

MN: yeah im asking if shes told on me yet.

MN: and how do you mean.



DT: —)- I mean

DT: —)- what

MN: cant believe i did that.

DT: —)- what

MN: talked to you with my shitty blue text.

MN: sorry about that.

MN: but what about the friend shit.

DT: —)- ah fuck don' even worry about it

DT: —)- if I highlight part of the text, it keeps highlighting even as new messages come in

MN: you should just remind me to switch.

DT: —)- so next time don' bother changing your color

MN: but nah you shouldnt have to feel obligated to change it. B\

DT: —)- nah this is less of a pain in the ass

MN: it literally takes two clicks on my part.

DT: —)- I don' even have to change it though

DT: —)- I literally just highlight once

DT: —)- and that's all

DT: —)- apparently it can work like that

MN: well if you say so.

MN: idk man i just dont want to make this shitty for you. B\

MN: but.

MN: as you were saying.

DT: —)- right

DT: —)- I was just saying that I don' see why some of these players are trying to force everyone into some sort of friend pact already

DT: —)- we just fell, to be totally honest, ass backwards into this fucking game

MN: isnt that the fucking truth.

DT: —)- and making friends should be pretty low on the fucking totem wouldn' you say

DT: —)- as long as everyone pulls their weight

DT: —)- that's all that we need

MN: i mean we should share information with each other and try not to be huge assholes to one another.

MN: but forcing friendship

MN: is literally the stupidest shit you can pull.

MN: you cant make someone be your fucking friend.

MN: B\

DT: —)- tell me about it

DT: —)- that was hank's end of the bet

DT: —)- that I would have to 'be his pal' if he won

MN: besides no offense but i dont necessarily want to be friends with any of you.

MN: if it happens it happens but we have other shit to do.

DT: —)- as if friendship is some fucking material thing that I can just hand over to him

DT: —)- and yeah that works perfectly fine for me

MN: as long as were faking civil behavior 20% of the time and no one is at another persons throat

MN: who the fuck cares.

MN: also for your information apparently chihaya (what i call heiress) didnt tell her mom on me and hasnt thought about it for a while, but she wants to tell her mom on andi.

DT: —)- I'm glad that there are people who are on the same page at least

MN: i just.

MN: that girl.

MN: B\

MN: tell me about it.

DT: —)- how many eldritch beings can she attract in one day

MN: like can i go a fucking conversation with some of these dipshits without


MN: no, fuck off.

MN: i dont know you.

MN: and who knows.

MN: shes very talented at being incompetent

MN: let me tell you that much.

DT: —)- she seems alright

DT: —)- she gave me the stupidest fucking nickname

DT: —)- although I guess that came from my server too

DT: —)- as most of the bullshit in this game so far is wont to do

DT: —)- but yeah it'd be even more alright if she could stop pissing off things that probably rip her in half without breaking a sweat

MN: lmao.

MN: i wouldnt mind her so much if shed just admit to the fact that shes a little shit sometimes. B\

MN: like she does not

MN: take the blame

MN: for anything.

MN: if she doesnt understand something, its my fault for saying it.

DT: —)- I haven' had to be her partner so

DT: —)- yeah

MN: if she fucks something up, its the programs fault.

MN: if she cant remain on civil terms with a demon, its because shes "not a kiss ass."

MN: like it just gets to a level of supreme irritation.

MN: B\

MN: its like.

MN: even i could break her spine if i wanted to.

DT: —)- really

MN: sure.

DT: —)- is she weaker than other members of your species

MN: no, im just stronger than other members of my species.

MN: /flex

MN: i dont actually know how strong she is but im a trained fighter so.

DT: —)- interesting

DT: —)- I'll admit I'm curious to see what humans can do

DT: —)- or what they look like

DT: —)- andi gave me the impression that they're physically fragile

MN: you want a picture of me?

MN: i can give that much. \ o /

DT: —)- really

MN: sure.

DT: —)- alright by me

MN: and it depends on the person.

MN: some people are weak pieces of shit

DT: —)- I suppose in that regard our species are the same

MN: others can lift 800 pounds.

DT: —)- I wonder if our rustbloods are comparable to your weak pieces of shit

MN: some people could not win a game of bloody knuckles if you gave them gloves to protect their feeble fists

MN: others could kill you with one punch.

MN: but yeah maybe.

DT: —)- so humans seem at the very least, to be highly variable in strength

MN: extremely.

MN: anyway hold on a sec there.

DT: —)- sure

— mintNewtons [MN] sent file [yoglacis.png] to dauntlessTracker [DT] —

DT: —)- ah

DT: —)- hm

DT: —)- humans aren' too dissimilar from trolls, as it turns out

DT: —)- well, maybe aside from coloration

DT: —)- and the horns and teeth

DT: —)- and eyes

MN: yeah carada showed me her pic and thats all i could

MN: distingush as well.

MN: B\

DT: —)- go figure

MN: its weird that were so fucking similar.

DT: —)- I already knew you were bipedal and had hair but nevertheless

DT: —)- even our skulls seem to be roughly the same shape

MN: right? its fucking weird.

DT: —)- but our life cycles are completely different

MN: down to how our noses look all fucked up and literally not like any other animals.

DT: —)- that doesn' make any sense

MN: B\

MN: yeah youre insects and were mammals.

MN: the fuck is up with that.

DT: —)- I don' know

DT: —)- I'm filing this under strange, possibly relevant bullshit

DT: —)- that probably isn' important right now

MN: maybe when we have more time we can

MN: investigate it further.

DT: —)- yeah

MN: but rn all we should focus is on not dying.

MN: and getting that stupid kid up and running again.

MN: right i was supposed to ask people.

MN: do you want to kiss him?

MN: no?

MN: ok good done.

DT: —)- thank you for answering for me

DT: —)- anyway I don' know if anyone actually wants to kiss him do they

DT: —)- I know you volunteered but

DT: —)- that's a different situation entirely

MN: yeah its more like i dont mind looking at horrible gory bodies and im sure id

MN: be ok with kissing one.

MN: if it was to save his life.

MN: or revive him or whatever. B\

MN: and im sure all of you are busy with your

MN: dangerous lands

MN: that could actually kill you.

DT: —)- ha

DT: —)- you have a point

MN: while i just sit around talking to fucking chickens.

DT: —)- I don' mind bodies myself really but, well

DT: —)- let's just say that I'd rather not stick my face close to some possessed burnt up corpse

DT: —)- and hope for the best

MN: i cant say i can blame you.

MN: but whatever im not usually fussed by shit like that.

MN: i grew up in the bronx.

MN: im a big girl.

MN: i dont cry.

MN: lmao.

MN: gunshots at night? what the fuck ever.

DT: —)- so you are a female

MN: yeah?

MN: didnt i tell you that

MN: before.

MN: B\

DT: —)- you did I think

DT: —)- andi was convinced

DT: —)- that you weren', though

MN: ok.

MN: that is because

MN: andi is fucking stupid.

DT: —)- shouldn' humans at least be able to tell apart their own sexes

MN: you would think, wouldnt you.

MN: but no, andi just proves herself to be an incompetent piece of shit

MN: once again.

DT: —)- she's agreeable, at least

DT: —)- most of the time

DT: —)- to me

DT: —)- except for the nickname bullshit

MN: not to me but.

MN: youre allowed to like people that i dont i mean what the fuck ever. B\

MN: i mean

MN: i dont think shes horrible.

MN: and i dont want her hurt.

DT: —)- I don' particularly like her

MN: but shes just

MN: so

MN: stupid.

DT: —)- I just think she's got a rung up on some of the other players

MN: well YEAH but.

MN: that is literally saying nothing.

DT: —)- you have a point there

DT: —)- she's just about tied with the demon

MN: i like the demon more but the demon was kinda funny so.

MN: its whatever.

MN: shes my teammate and i want the best for her but jfc. B\

MN: andi.

MN: i mean you saw the picture do i really look like a dude.

MN: i thought my perm was doing a good job of making me look like a chick for ONCE.

DT: —)- you look like a female as far as I can tell

MN: stupid andi.

MN: B\

DT: —)- then again I was operation on that assumption to begin with so I might be biased

MN: yeah i guess so.

MN: idk i didnt think my gender was such a big deal but i dont need the entire group

MN: changing my fucking pronouns

DT: —)- it could be because you don' seem to have much of a chest

MN: constantly.

MN: B]

DT: —)- or is that common for humans

MN: …

MN: *B\

MN: well no i dont but i also wear baggy shirts and that kills

MN: the little bing-bongs

MN: i actually do have.

DT: —)- bing bongs

DT: —)- alright

MN: im actually a B cup.

MN: its a very, very serious word for boobs.

DT: —)- why do all of these serious words seem to rhyme

DT: —)- or

DT: —)- alliterate

MN: dont ask me

MN: ask the extremely gangster people

MN: who constructed them.

DT: —)- huh

DT: —)- alright then

MN: dont even bring them up to other humans though they wouldnt get it.

MN: because none of them are as

MN: well-versed in slang

MN: as i am.

MN: also theyre

MN: extremely dirty

MN: so if they did know them

MN: theyd be incredibly offended.

DT: —)- really

MN: yes.

DT: —)- interesting

DT: —)- I don' suppose there's any chance that you're just making up vocabulary to try and pull my leg are you

MN: nope.

DT: —)- fair enough

MN: i use these words pretty often on my own.

MN: you can ask the other trolls if you want.

DT: —)- you're risking other trolls using your incredibly offensive words, you know

DT: —)- perhaps to other humans even

DT: —)- or aren' you concerned about that

MN: im hoping that they have the good sense to keep it between trolls and me.

MN: i mean i did tell you that novices like you

MN: should stick with

MN: pussy and cock.

MN: didnt i.

MN: also for bing-bongs you might want to go with

MN: tits.

DT: —)- right

DT: —)- strange that humans and trolls both have 'tits'

DT: —)- they must function differently

MN: how do yours function.

MN: i assume not at all

MN: considering

MN: insects.

DT: —)- they're secondary sex characteristics for identification of females and apparently produce some hormones unique to their sex

DT: —)- how do human 'tits' function

MN: they jiggle and bounce and are fun to play with and if you rub the nipples youll make the girl moan.

MN: also theyre used to produce milk or some shit.

MN: to feed the babies.

DT: —)- uh

DT: —)- alright

MN: thats their primary focus i think.

DT: —)- feeding grubs

DT: —)- okay

MN: no infants.

DT: —)- right, right I forgot

MN: thats what we call them at least.

DT: —)- feeding fetuses

MN: they look like

MN: not fetuses.

DT: —)- what

MN: thats what you call them when theyre in the womb.

DT: —)- one of you called them fetuses

MN: when theyre out, theyre infants or babies.

DT: —)- huh

MN: wait let me

MN: draw you a guide.

MN: http://i.imgur.com/kZZjoK5.png

MN: there.

MN: any questions.

MN: im open to em.

DT: —)- wow

DT: —)- look at all these extremely technical terms

DT: —)- I can just feel the knowledge flooding in

MN: shut up i was making it accessible.

DT: —)- ha

DT: —)- it's cool

DT: —)- I like it

DT: —)- maybe I'll save it and share it with some of my species

MN: next time someone asks me how our reproduction works.

MN: telling you.

MN: it could come in handy.

DT: —)- hell, this is probably the most trolls have known about human biology in eons

DT: —)- this shit is going in a textbook bobi

MN: i hope so.

DT: —)- I hope you realize that

MN: better not cut out my comment about her bing-bongs.

MN: that shit is important.

DT: —)- who would I be to cut out the bing bong comment

MN: only a moron would.

DT: —)- obviously

MN: theyre there for science.

DT: —)- ha

DT: —)- alright I gotta split

MN: oh right shit

MN: i did just

DT: —)- I should talk to my stupid server if he's around

MN: come to you out of fucking nowhere.

MN: yeah

MN: i should do the same.

DT: —)- yeah

MN: you get him to give you your shit.

MN: B\

MN: then maybe we could get somewhere.

DT: —)- if he drags his ass online

DT: —)- but yeah

MN: we can only pray.

DT: —)- I'll send you the codes later

MN: yeah dont sweat it

MN: i should

MN: see if theres another way

MN: and if not ill go kill some imps.

MN: later, glacis.

DT: —)- right

DT: —)- later

— dauntlessTracker [DT] ceased pestering mintNewtons [MN] at 21:28 —